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General purpose of our courses;

is to provide our course attendees with instructing courses by the help of most reliable environment, most suitable ski instruments. Selection of the best tracks that are required by our trainees to develop their ski skills is assigned by the experienced instructors of our school Selection of correct instruction methods, correct materials, suitable tracks will ensure our attendees to install their skiing levels on true foundations and accordingly to develop them.

In group courses to be instructed by the educators of Kar Dünyası Ski and Snowboard School, our course trainees are divided into groups each of which consisted of 10 people as per their levels and ages. They are instructed for daily four hours during camp time, which consisted of 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.
Kar Dünyası Ski and Snowboard School is also rendering private training that is conforming to every age and level.


LEVEL 1 : Beginners.

LEVEL 2 : Those are able to make snowplough.

LEVEL 3 : Those are able to make snowplough and simple turn.

LEVEL 4 : Those who are able to make simple turn and basic parallel turn.

LEVEL 5 : Those who are able to make short parallel and plenty snow technique.

LEVEL 6 : Those able to make carving ski and extreme competition technique.


  • Ski courses will be taught by the ski instructors of Monte Baia Snow World Ski School.
  • There will be ski training every day as 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.
  • Our students shall be classified in groups as per their level of ski knowledge, they will be divided to groups such as beginner, smatterer, intermediate, advanced and each group will have particular training.


Our hotel designated as MONTE BAIA locates in the development zone 2 of Uludağ and has all kind of conveniences. It provides ease of use with our trainees for its position enabling ski room to open directly to ski runs. Moreover it has a substructure enabling our trainees to freely move in, to and from its restaurants, cinema saloon, discotheque, pool, bathhouse and wide lobby and other saloons.